Cone Beam Imaging Bethel CT

Cone Beam Imaging

Three-Dimensional Dentistry!Digital x-rays Bethel CT

We are proud to be one of the first practices in our area to use the Sirona ORTHOPHOS™ SL 3D cone beam CT digital imaging technology. Think of this as a three dimensional X-ray that is FAR more accurate than traditional X-rays, takes much less time and does all this with much less radiation exposure. A great advantage of using ultra cone beam images when diagnosing patients and evaluating treatment options is the dentist’s ability to clearly see the patient’s anatomy in 3-D, instead of flat, two-dimensional images. This leads to much greater accuracy for all dental treatment, especially implant placement and any oral surgeries.

Because the cone beam unit is able to take a panoramic scan of your entire head, neck, and jaw in a handful of seconds, the doctors are able to see more anatomy with a more realistic image than individual X-rays can offer. This gives them a greater understanding of your diagnosis and the best treatment plan for you. You experience less discomfort, as well, because the measuring device is non-invasive and doesn't trigger a gag reflex like bitewing units can. This makes your experience much more relaxed and comfortable! As a bonus, the focused beam reduces scatter radiation, which both increases clarity of the image and lowers your radiation exposure.

If you need dental implants, cone beam imaging will help us give you an excellent experience. To learn more, call us at (203) 743-5600.

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